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May 31, 2010

Steps to reset console password on WLS 8x :

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In the example below we are creating a new console user and password in WLS 8x :

Below are the steps for password recovery  :


STEP 1 :  Firstly, Stop the server if running and make sure that weblogic.jar is in the classpath.

STEP 2 : Open a command prompt and navigate to ” D:\bea816\user_projects\domains\mydomain ”  and run “setEnv.cmd “

STEP 3 : Now run the following command :

“Java NewAdminUser NewAdminPassword . “

where ” NewAdminUser ” and ” NewAdminPassword ” are the new user and password you would like to create.

Note : The “ . “ (period) at the end of the command is very important..!! as it tells the command that this should be run in the domain directory.

STEP 4 : The above command creates a file “ DefaultAuthenticatorInit.ldift “ in the domain directory. ( as shown below )



STEP 5 : Delete the file “ DefaultAuthenticatormyrealmInit.initialized “ located in D:\bea816\user_projects\domains\mydomain\myserver\ldap ”

STEP 6 : Clear the contents of file located in ” D:\bea816\user_projects\domains\mydomain “

STEP 7 : Now start the server and login with the new user and password. :)


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