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July 12, 2011

Troubleshooting SmartUpdate 3.3

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Say bye bye to all the SmartUpdate errors that we faced all these days.

Oracle has released the latest SmartUpdate 3.3 which can only be used to apply patches.

You can download the patches from your support site :

– The only error I have seen so far in the latest Smart Update release is ” Encountered unrecognized patch ID ”


Below are few suggestions to troubleshoot the issue :

Step 1 :

– Rename the ” patch-catalog_xxxx.xml ” file that you have downloaded from support site to ” patch-catalog.xml ” file ( inside your cache_dir folder )

Now run the SmartUpdate tool and check if it works fine 🙂

Step 2 :

– If the issue is still not resolved I believe you are using a very old version of SmartUpdate ( say 3.1 )

– The ” patch-catalog.xml ” file is in a different format now so it is not compatible with your version of SmartUpdate.

– You can try using the ” patch-catalog.xml ” file that you had earlier and check if you are able to install patch.

If not then you will have to upgrade SmartUpdate to 3.2.x or 3.3.0

Step 3 :

– Make sure ” patch-catalog.xml ” is in lower case after you do an ftp to your server.

Step 4 :

– use binary mode to ftp ” patch-catalog.xml ” file to your server.


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  1. Never rename patch-catalog_xxx.xml file to patch-catalog.xml

    Even though it may resolve the issue for now, it would cause problems while applying patches later.

    Always use the patch-catalog_xxx.xml file supplied along with the patch jar.

    Comment by streethawkz — November 21, 2013 @ 10:32 pm

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