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Smart Update Errors :

  1. Upgrade Smart Update to version
  2. Unrecognized Patch ID Error While Applying Patch Using BSU Tool
  3. BSU Unable to Locate BEA Home: “Unable to locate any supported product installations. Click OK to locate a BEA Home with a valid target installations.”
  4. Required Patch SWX2 Invalidated By Smart Update Tool
  5. BSU3.1 – If some patch install with a custom CACHE_DIR, BSU command does not work
  6. ” Unable to locate any supported product installations. The tool will now exit “
  7. “Unable to retrieve upgrade information from Smart Update server. Please check your network connection and retry the operation. * BEA Home [C:\development\beaWLP92] Unable to connect to BEA systems to obtain the global product registry
  8. ” Exception in thread “main” java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space ” while running Smart Update

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